UX prototype Infinity Coach Website

Full Online version of prototype here


About Brief:

Company profile:
Infinity Life Couching is offering a holistic approach (body, mind and soul) to help people to unlock their infinite potential.

Call to action:  As individual: book an online session, book a workshop, book a retreat. As company: book an internal workshop, book an offsite.

Target: England, Germany, Poland. Age 30-50, Cities, The ideal customer is willing to take a
little extra time and spend a little extra money to invest in personal growth and spirituality

Design key: holistic, individual, balanced, transformational, systematical

Content key: this is more about the philosophy than company itself

Hashtags: #infinity #potencial #healing #body #mind #soul #balance #nature


Design thinking empathy

Meet typical website users:

Users Scenarios:

Journey Maps:

Conclusions & Directions:

mobile first, buy a trust, free call discovery session, link to the past events, easy to find call to actions buttons,

User Flow:

Material Design – colors:

Full Online version of prototype here