I'm a multi-disciplinary designer based out of a little wind swept place in the south of Spain, called Tarifa. I can design your business cards, flyers, invitations, clothing, pens, mugs, you name it. I also love web design. This is what I do with half of my soul, but my zodiac sign is Gemini so on the one side I'm a responsible, hard working, creative designer, but on the other,  I have a gypsy soul: hungry for life, exploring new places, meeting new people and forever being in love with the ocean. This is the reason I chose Tarifa as my base. Here, I can put both my passions side by side. My story really isn't so different from many other people's: in 2007, after working in a graphic design office, I became a kite instructor, and then 2 years later I moved out of the office and started travelling with my computer and kite gear.

Welcome to the sunny side of your life.

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  • Tarifa/Spain
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If you need me as a kite coach, graphic designer... don't hesitate to contact me